Edge 119.0.2151.44 / 118.0.2088.88

Edge[German]On November 2, 2023, Microsoft released both an update of the Chrome browser in the Extended Stable to 118.0.2088.88 and an update to Edge 119.0.2151.44. Thanks to the reader who reported on November 3, 2023 that Microsoft had updated the Edge browser to version 119.0.2151.44.


The updates are required to close Chrome vulnerabilities. As of November 1, 2023, Microsoft writes here "Microsoft is aware of recent security vulnerabilities in Chromium. We are actively working on releasing a security patch." The Chrome vulnerabilities are described in the article Google Chrome 119.0.6045.105/.106.

Edge 119.0.2151.44

Microsoft has rolled out the feature update to the new development branch 119 in the Stable Channel. Edge 119.0.2151.44 was released on November 2, 2023. The release notes state "Fixed various bugs and performance issues", this version closes the Chromium vulnerabilities mentioned in the paragraph above (there is no newer entry in the security notifications yet). As this is a feature update of version 119, a number of new features have been added.

  • Compression Dictionary Transport support. A version of the Compression Dictionary Transport feature is available for sites to use by participating in the associated origin trial. If your network uses a middlebox that inspects network traffic and/or you previously encountered issues with the ZSDCH feature, review the Considerations for zstd-based Shared Dictionary Compression for HTTP page which contains updated guidance.
  • Behavioral changes to the beforeunload event. The behavior of the beforeunload event has changed such that calling preventDefault in a beforeunload event handler triggers a confirmation dialog. Setting returnValue to an empty string in a beforeunload event handler no longer triggers a confirmation dialog. This behavior takes effect starting in Microsoft Edge version 119. Administrators can temporarily opt out of this functionality by disabling the BeforeunloadEventCancelByPreventDefaultEnabled policy.
  • Split screen restore improvements. Split screen allows you to simultaneously work on multiple tasks across two, side-by-side screens in one browsing tab to boost your productivity and multitask more efficiently. Now after the browser is restarted and the previous session is restored, the split tab will also be restored.
  • Additional capability to manage sidebar apps. Administrators can utilize the "sidebar_auto_open_blocked" ExtensionSettings policy field to control the auto-open behavior of sidebar apps. For more information, see Detailed guide to the ExtensionSettings policy.
  • Updates to Microsoft Edge enterprise sync settings page. When the ForceSyncTypes and SyncTypesListDisabled polices are used concurrently, the sync settings page (edge://settings/profiles/sync) accurately show the status for each data type.

The following new guidelines have also been implemented:

Edge 118.0.2088.88

This update only says "Fixed various bugs and performance issues for Extended Stable release." – but I assume that existing Chromium vulnerabilities have also been fixed there.

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  1. D says:

    They updated Edge to 119.0.2151.44 yesterday after 118.0.2088.88 https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-relnote-stable-channel

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