Leak: New Office 2024, new Windows 12 are indirectly confirmed?

[German]Rumors about successors to current products such as Windows 11 and Microsoft Office 2021 have been around for some time. Now internal Microsoft documents (screenshots of an Office 2024 preview) and posts on X.com are providing fodder for new speculation that both a Windows 12 and an Office 2024 could be released in 2024. There is also speculation about a successor to Windows Server.


Screenshots and rumors

I came across this topic in several places. The starting point is the post by Techsaurusrext on X, who presented screenshots of an Office 2024 preview and speculated about a new Windows client and server including an LTSC version.

Neue Office 2024 Preview

These are screenshots of a Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus 2024 preview version. The version number is 2312 and the build number is 17102.20000. The current Office LTSC 2021 (with October 2023 update) has version 2108 (build 14332.20582).

Speculation about products in 2024

Can be interpreted to mean that in 2024, in addition to the Microsoft Office 2024 mentioned above, there will also be at least one Windows 11 successor, which could be called Windows 12. A version with long-term support (LTSC) in the Windows client area is also mentioned – although I'm guessing that it will only be five years of support. And a successor to Windows Server 2022 is to be presented in 2024, according to the message. The team from the Windows Insider channel then responded to X with "The future is bright indeed".

Windows 12


The editorial team at neowin.net picked up on the information in the above tweet and then summarized it in this article. The reaction of the Windows Insider Team cannot be interpreted as confirmation or denial of Windows 12. There have been rumors that Microsoft is working on a successor to Windows 11 since 2022.

II have reported on this point several times here in the blog (see links at the end of the article) – among others, VMware offers Windows 12 as a guest operating system template with its virtualization platforms. Intel had also already hinted at a Windows 12. We will have to wait and see whether this really happens and what the products will be called. I assume that more cloud connectivity and online functions will be integrated – not every user will like that either.

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