Visual Studio Subscriptions (MSDN) Windows January 2024 Refresh media available

WindowsMicrosoft has made new installation media for Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 available in its Visual Studio Subscriptions portal (formerly MSDN). The January 2024 Refresh ISO installation media was released on January 18, 2024, but was created on January 4, 2024, and will create a system with a patch level of January 9, 2024 for a new Windows installation.


I became aware of this on X via the following tweet and a series of other tweets. The refresh ISO media as of January 2024 can only be downloaded by Visual Studio Subscription subscribers.

The following versions of the installation media are available as of January 18/19, 2024

  • Windows 10 22H2, OS-Build 19045.3930; Details
  • Windows 11 Version 22H2 / 23H2, OS-Build 226×1.3007; Details
  • Windows Server 2022, OS Build 20348.2227 und OS Build 25398.643

WZOR has packed the details into various tweets, which can be accessed here.

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