Windows Server 2025 introduced

Windows[German]On January 26, 2024 Microsoft presented the successor to Windows Server 2022. This will be called Windows Server 2025 and a first preview with this name was published for testers at the same time. Development has already been underway for some time under the name Windows Server vNext. Keywords for innovations include hotpatching, Next Generation Active Directory, Hyper-V, AI and much more.


Windows Server vNext was never discussed within my blog. There was a separate session at Ignite 2023, which was taken up in this Techcommunity article.

Windows Server 2025 announced

Nevertheless, I was surprised when I came across the following tweet from Microsoft's Exchange developers, who linked to the post Introducing Windows Server 2025! There, the official name Windows Server 2025 was mentioned for the first time as the successor to Windows Server 2022.

Windows Server 2025

On January 26, 2024, Microsoft released the first Windows Server Insider Build (v.26040) with the new name "Windows Server 2025". The following points are mentioned as highlights and innovations in Windows Server.

  • Windows Server Hotpatching
  • Next Generation Active Directory & SMB
  • Mission Critical Data & Storage
  • Hyper-V & AI

In addition, Ned Pyle has referred to this release of the new preview build of this server version in the Techcommunity article Windows Server Insider Preview 26040 is out – and so is the new name. The tech community article also lists the new features that will be introduced with the Windows Server Insider Build (v.26040) for Windows Server 2025.


  • Windows Server Flighting: Windows Server Insider now supports flighting and downloadable in-place upgrades, just like Windows 11. It is no longer necessary to obtain ISOs and perform a manual installation. Administrators have the option to have new Insider builds installed automatically via Windows Update by checking for updates. Further information can be found at Welcome to Windows Insider flighting on Windows Server.
  • SMB over QUIC alternative ports: Allows you to change the use of the standard UDP/443 port for SMB over QUIC to any port that administrators can define. Further information can be found in the article SMB alternative ports now supported in Windows Insiders.

The tech community post by Ned Pyle links to a few more pages with further information about changes in the Window Server Insider build. This Microsoft website describes how interested parties can participate in the Windows Server 2025 preview program.

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