Firefox 123.0 and 115.8 ESR released

Mozilla[German]On February 20, 2024, the Mozilla developers released the new Firefox 123 and the maintenance update of Firefox 115.8 ESR. Firefox 123 is a new development branch. Here is a brief overview of the updates in question, including the fixes and new features.


Firefox 123.0

Firefox 122 is a new development branch which, according to the release notes, has a number of new features. For example, the search function has been integrated into the Firefox view. Users can now search all tabs on the subpages of the individual sections: "Recently browsed", "Open tabs", "Recently closed tabs", "Tabs from other devices" or "History".


Are there problems with a website in Firefox, but the website seems to work as expected in another browser? Then users can inform the developer via the web compatibility reporting tool.

As a fix, the developers report that text in tooltips (i.e. titles) and text in form controls (i.e. placeholders) is now also translated when translating web pages. The following changes are also listed:

  • Address bar settings can now be found in the Firefox Settings' Search section.
  • Improved PGO optimizations for macOS ARM64 and Android
  • Off-main-thread canvas on macOS, Linux and Android

Several vulnerabilities rated as high have been closed in Firefox 123 (see here). Notes for Enterprise users can be found here. Firefox should update itself automatically, but can be downloaded from this website for various platforms (the variant can be selected via the list fields displayed).


Firefox 115.8 ESR

This is a maintenance update for Firefox. According to the release notes, the vulnerabilities described here have been fixed in Firefox 115.8 ESR. Thanks to the reader for the hint.

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