Windows 11 22H2/23H2 Moments 5 update released (Feb. 29, 2024)

Windows[German]On February 29, 2024, Microsoft released the so-called "Moments 5" update as a feature drop update for Windows 11 versions 22H2 and 23H2. Officially, Microsoft calls this a "Windows configuration update". The feature drop update provides a range of new functions on these Windows 11 versions.


Announcement by Microsoft

I have mentioned several times in the blog that a Moments 5 update is coming for the current Windows 11 versions (see Windows 11 Moments 5 update could be 24H1 and arrive by April 2024). Microsoft has now officially announced and released the "Windows configuration update" on this website in the configuration updates post. Here are some of the new features in brief:

  • Voice Access now supports more languages, and additional actions such as multi-display support. This update introduces language shortcuts or custom commands. They allow users to create their own commands in the supported English dialects.
  • The Narrator allows users to preview ten natural voices before downloading them. These voices use modern, on-device text-to-speech technology and work without an internet connection once downloaded.
  • With Windows 11, users can now share content with more applications. The Share with window now supports sharing with WhatsApp. In addition, the Microsoft account with which the user logs in affects the available sharing options.
  • This update affects how Nearby Share is switched on and off. Quick settings or the "Settings" can be used to activate Nearby Share. If Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is switched off, Nearby Share is also switched off.
  • The update highlights the Cast function. This allows you to wirelessly cast content from the screen to another PC, TV or other external screen nearby.
  • This update adds suggestions for snap layouts for docking windows.  These help users to instantly combine multiple application windows..

The update adds a special mode for Windows 365 Boot. When users log on to the company's own device, they also log on to the Windows 365 Cloud PC. This is done via passwordless authentication, such as Windows Hello for Business. This new special mode also offers the option to quickly switch between accounts. Users can use it to quickly switch between profiles and log in.

It is now easier to disconnect from Windows 365 Switch. This update adds desktop indicators for Windows 365 Switch: Users will see the term "Cloud PC" and "Local PC" on the desktop indicator when switching between modes. Details on these new features can be found in the update support article. Thanks to the readers for the tip.

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