Hornetsecurity is down (June 7, 2024; since ~ 7:00 a.m.)

Stop - Pixabay[German]German blog reader Jona contacted me a few minutes ago and asked, whether I know anything about a malfunction at "Hornet-Security". In the meantime, there is a second report from Matthias about a service disruption. But it looks as if the services of this provider of managed security services are currently unavailable. Even the support forum is no longer available on the web.


Hornetsecurity claims to be a premium provider of managed security services. The provider's products are designed to ensure perfect and secure communication via email and the internet, according to the promise. The Managed Security Services are immediately active and require no additional software, no hardware and no maintenance by your IT experts, according to their website.

Web services and support page not available

However, customers currently have to be very patient, as there is a massive disruption at this provider of managed security services and nothing is working at the moment (June 7, 202, 10:40 a.m.).

In addition to Jonas, who asked whether anything was known about the disruption, Matthias got in touch a few minutes later. Matthias' company uses the Hornetsecurity service as a security solution for their Exchange Online. He wrote: "At the moment, all services seem to be disrupted globally. Our mail sending and receiving with external domains is also affected, nothing works anymore.". Looks like stress for the IT departments that use this provider.

There are DNS problems

The Statusseite currently returns most time an error "The website is not available" because the entire website is not available or cannot be found.

Hornetsecurity ist "down" (7. Juni 2024)


At statusgator you will find the above description that various services have been disrupted or are still disrupted since around 10:14 a.m. today. It says about the disruption at 10:14:

Message: [HSE20240607-01-I] Incident: Partial Service Disruption: Service Control Panel

Details: Currently we are investigating DNS issues which affects the Control Panel. This also affects the email delivery. We are working with maximum priority to resolve it.

The provider is investigating DNS problems that affect the control panel and also have an impact on email delivery. The technicians are working on fixing the problem with the highest priority. According to statusgator, this problem should have been resolved within 10 minutes. But this is followed seamlessly by a second entry stating that the problem is ongoing. Something has gone wrong with their DNS records.

Hornetsecurity Status

At 11:28 a.m. I managed to retrieve the status page (see screenshot above), which still contains some information.

Incident Status: Partial Service Disruption

Components: AI Recipient Validation, 365 Permission Manager, 365 Total Backup, 365 Total Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, API, Control Panel – General, Control Panel – Config / Deployment, Control Panel – Email Live Tracking, Control Panel – Backup & Compliance Services, Email Signature and Disclaimer, Email Inbound, Email Outbound, Email Continuity, Email encryption: Websafe, Email encryption: S/MIME, Hornet.email, IMAP/POP3 Services, Security Awareness Service, Ticketsystem, Web Filter, Website

Locations: Canada, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Germany, Hannover, North Virginia, USA, Switzerland, Sydney 1, Sydney 2, United Kingdom, USA, West Europe, Global


Anyone from the readership affected? In the comment section of my German blog post, a reader wrote, that hornetsecurity seems to move the name server domaincontrol.com to antispameurope.de, and the DNS handover hasn't completed (it could take 48 hours). Another reader wrote, that he used the following URLs:


which are still functional.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hornetsecurity is down for us. We have problem receiving e-mails.

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