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Sandboxie v0.5.5 / 5.46.4 released

[German]David Xanatos informed me that he released a major update for Sandboxie in version v0.5.5 / 5.46.4 on Githib on January 19, 2021. Here is some information about it. Advertising

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Sandboxie Build 0.3/5.42 released

[German]A few days ago David Xantos brought his Sandboxie-Fork to build 0.3/5.42. David informed me about this fact and some changes by mail. Thus security gaps in the original sandbox mechanism are fixed by the update.. Advertising

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Sandboxie is now Open Source

[German]Sophos, the owner of the software sandbox, has just announced that the tool has now been released as open source. The open source release was announced in September 2019. Advertising

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