Surface Pro 3: Fix Miracast issue with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft has released Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter half a year ago. This HDMI stick acts as a Miracast receiver for display devices. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes along with Windows 8.1 and supports Miracast. But the combination of a Surface Pro 3 and a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter can cause connection issues. Here is how to fix – and the fix seems to work also for other Windows 8.1 Miracast enabled machines who can't connect to Microsoft's Miracast adapter.


I stumbled upon this issue due to some user comments within my German Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter hands-on blog post. A user observed an issue with the Microsoft WiDi adapter.

(Source: Microsoft)

His Sony Vaio duo 13 with Windows 8.1 was Miracast compatible. But a connection attempt to Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter failed after 10 seconds.


No error message was displayed, the connection just stalled. Then another user posted a tweet (mention me @etguenni), that it's a graphic driver issue.

So, if third party software like VPN clients, Virtualbox, or a system included in a domain network with network location is public isn't the cause for Miracast connection problems, your should try:

1. Fire up the device manager on your Surface Pro 3 and search for Intel (HD) graphics driver.

2. Uninstall this graphics driver and reboot your Surface Pro 3.

After reboot, an updated Intel (HD) graphics driver should be installed. And this driver might be capable to connect to Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter. After searching the web, I found this MS Answers thread, where users confirms that it works. If that doesn't help, try the steps discussed in the article here. Hope that helps.

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