EaseUS Partition Master 10.8 with GPT bug fix

AmazonEaseUS has released Partition Master version 10.8 – a partition tool for Windows. EaseUS Partition Master supports moving, cloning, resizing, creating and deleting disk partitions on MBR and GPT disks.


Why I wrote this blog post? Well, EaseUS Partition Master 10.5 contains a nasty bug – it alters the partition ID of GPT partitions (e.g. the partition "System reserved"). And this results in a show stopper during upgrading a system to Windows 10. I've discussed this issue within my blog post Is EaseUS Partition Master 10.5 a Windows10 upgrade killer?

Today I received a mail from EaseUS pointing out, that this bug has been fixed. Probably I will write a short blog post about my test of EaseUS Partition Master 10.8 – either here or in my German blog. EaseUS Partition Master comes with a few neat features – but during a short test I found also some things that are not overwhelming. Anyway, here are the download links.

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