Windows 10: A Feature Upgrade drops error 0xC1900209

[German]Some Windows 10 users are facing an installation abort with error 0xC1900209 during Feature Upgrades (for instance upgrading from Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10, or during upgrade to Anniversary Update and so on). Here are a few information how to solve an error 0xC1900209 issue.


I came across this error in a German Microsoft Answers forum post. A user received an upgrade error during installing Windows 10 Version 1607 as shown below.


Windows 10 just reported a problem and offers a problem solving button – but that will not be to helpful. You can also select the Advanced Options hyperlink in settings app, category Windows Update and go to View your update history.  Overall the user managed to find out the error code 0xC1900209 that causes the install issue.

If no error code is shown in settings app  (update history), try to fire up event manager (press Windows+X, select Computer Management) and navigate in the left pane to Event Viewer – Windows Logs – System  and Setup. Wait, until all events are listed und step through the entries. You can use the date of a faulty update install listed in Windows update history.


The screenshot shown above contains an error within event category System from Source WindowsUpdateClient. It was an installation failure installing an upgrade to Windows 10 Version 1411 – the error code was listed in the error details. If that doesn’t helps, try the information given within the following two blog posts to search the log files.

How to decode Windows errors?
Windows 10: Analyze upgrade errors

What causes error 0xC1900209?

In the case mentioned above, a feature upgrade failed with error 0xC1900209. Within my blog post Windows 10: Analyze upgrade errors I discussed, how to proceed in case of an upgrade error. The code 0xC1900209 is a NTSTATUS message, where the lower four digits describing the error cause. The error code 0xC1900209 is described within this Technet article::

0xC1900209 The user has chosen to cancel because the system does not pass the compatibility scan to install the update. Setup.exe will report this error when it can upgrade the machine with user data but cannot migrate installed applications. Incompatible software is blocking the upgrade process. Uninstall the application and try the upgrade again. See Windows 10 Pre-Upgrade Validation using SETUP.EXE for more information.

An incompatible software is blocking the upgrade process. To find out, which software is blocking, grab a Windows 10 install medium and execute Setup.exe from Windows. Setup analyzes the system for compatibility issues.

Use Windows Media Creation Tool to download the install image and create a Setup DVD or an USB Stick with install files.

Setup will report incompatible apps. In practice, Word 2010 Starter, Nero 9 Essentials or older Nero burning rom versions, Intel Dynamic Power Performance Management, and also third party antivirus tools has been identified as show stoppers.

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistent Fehler

If setup doesn’t name the incompatible app (see screenshot above), try my suggestions within the blog post Windows 10 Anniversary Update: inkompatible Apps (VPC) to identify the app manually. There has been Active Sync or Windows Mobile Device Center identified as show stoppers.

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