Is Microsoft sabotaging Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10 is out since July 2015 – and now we will facing Creators Update in a few weeks. But it seems, that Microsoft penalize users who are running Windows 10.


Galen Gruman from InfoWorld wrote a good article Microsoft, stop sabotaging Windows 10, addressing the worse situation. Windows 10 comes with secretive monitoring and a badly broken update system. Also the Windows as a service seems to be a broken idea penalize users who are using Windows 10 to do their daily work.

And at least, Microsoft abusing users via in-OS ads – a no go. Windows 10 is annoying users since months with ads on the lock screen, at the Start screen, and in task bar/action center. And now Microsoft has decided to annoy users with ads in file explorer (see Windows 10 Version 1703: Turn off Ads in Explorer).

All those things will drive people away from using Microsoft's operating system. After Windows Vista and Windows 8 they messed it up a third time. We, four MVPs, have had a few days ago a podcast about Windows 10 and other topics (unfortunately only in German), where I pointed out the major problem: Windows 10 is a marketing driven product, where the voice of experienced developers doesn't count anymore (or should I say 'all experienced developers has been fired or left the company'. So InfoWorld's article Microsoft, stop sabotaging Windows 10 is true – in my view. What's your opinion?

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