Windows 10: Disk Cleanup is causing a Blue Screen

[German]Just another short information from Windows 10 universe – as a kind of question. Users who are regularly running disk cleanup could run into a Blue Screen problem. Therefore, a small survey, whether someone of you was ever affected?


If you've installed Windows 10 on a drive with less free space, disc cleanup , disk consolidation ill have to be uses frequently. Here I have a test machine with 64 GB SSD, that requires a disc cleanup every time before I install a new Windows Insider preview. Recently I just came across a note from MVP Klaus Löffelmann in Facebook, which addresses a strange observation. Klaus Löffelmann wrote:

Take care of Disk Cleanup in Windows 10 !!

We observed, that using disk cleanup can causes blue screens in all versions of Windows 10 (insider builds, retail builds). A few days ago, my Surface Book failed with a blue screen. This is now the 7th time, in which Disk Cleanup is causing a blue screen within our systems. We searched the web, and many other users are seem to be affected. My question: Who of you had this blue screen after doing a disk cleanup in Windows 10 within the last 9 months? If this also happened to you, give a feedback in feedback hub: .

According to Klaus Löffelmann, the Blue Screen shown below occurs. I then die a Google search and came immediately across this technet forum tread with the same problem. The details:

"Your PC has a problem and needs to restart. We're just gonna get some error info, and then we'll restart for you. "

The message says the error is due to a critical service failing to start.

A service will probably die at start-up after disk recovery. Within the Technet forum post, the poster blames the "Delete Temporary Files" option (delete temporary files) of disk cleanup is causing this issue. This is also mentioned within a MS Answers forum post, where the screenshot below has been posted.


Browsing the Technet thread,, I read, that the nVidia driver nvstor.sys may be stored in the Temp folder. I found a similar hint within this MS Answers forum post. The driver is also mentioned here. A Blue Screen analysis shows, that the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers seem to be involved. As a result, Disk Cleanup would remove the chipset drivers, so the system is no longer able to access the disks. Is somebody has similar experienced?

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4 Responses to Windows 10: Disk Cleanup is causing a Blue Screen

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  2. zany says:

    i have this too, reinstalled windows 5 times until i realized the problem

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  4. Xavier Flix says:

    Just as zany mentioned I also had to install Windows 10 numerous times due to this issue.

    How did MS greenlight NVidia's drivers?

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