MS February patchday issues

February 2 2015 Microsoft has published several updates for Windows and other software. Unfortunately some of these patches causes damages in Windows. Here is a short overview, what I know so far.


System lockup with KB3001652 Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

Update KB3001652 V(isual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime) is causing serious issues under Windows 8.1. It does not install and several users reporting a system lockup. I've addressed this issue in my blog post Warning: Do not install MS update KB 3001652. The reason for this flaw: The update installs in silent mode and some requests for user actions are hidden. A user has posted a comment within my German blog post, noticing, that he moved the update window after a while and found a "hidden" notification waiting for Eula acceptance. After accepting this Eula, the update installed successful.

WSUS-Admins take care of Update KB3001652

There is a nasty detail, I wasn't aware of, because I don't use WSUS. As far as I noticed, update KB3001652 has been offered October 14th 2014 as revision 201. On February 2th 2015, Microsoft has issued this update as revision 202. If an admin approved update KB3001652 revision 201, also revision 202 published yesterday will be installed automatically.

KB3013455 (MS15-010) causes font rendering issues

Several users reporting font rendering issues Windows Server 2003 and 2008 and Windows Vista for fonts like 'Courier New'. This is a know known issue (see also this MS Answers thread).

Known issues with this security update After you install security update 3013455, you may notice some text quality degradation in certain scenarios. The problem only occurs on systems that are running Windows Vista SP2 or Windows Server 2003 SP2. Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.

Hope this issue list will be helpful.

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6 Responses to MS February patchday issues

  1. floschn says:

    revision 204 was released, does anyone know if this is the fixed version ?

  2. Ap says:

    This mess with 1652 is epic.
    We deployed October version in october. Now WSUS/SCCM picked it (202) up again , detected as missing and since deadline was looong time ago it got installed "out of blue" resulting a lot of grief because reboots.
    204 will be deployed with ongoing patch wawe

  3. guenni says:

    Just a note, Microsoft has released a fix kb3037639 for kb3013455 font rendering issues.

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