BIOS-Updates for Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15

Dell has released two BIOS updates for XPS 13 and XPS 15 that fixes a couple of bugs and enhance both systems. Here’s what has been fixed.


XPS 15 9550 01.02.10 BIOS

  • Fixed Dell Thunderbolt Dock (TB15) device will lost after S3 resume

  • Fixed LCD flickering when in lowest brightness

  • Fixed After McAfee encrypted, the PCIE NVMe SSD \ SATA SSD can’t boot to OS issue

  • Fixed Wake on WLAN takes a long time with Intel 1830/1820A Wireless card


  • Fixed USB audio/mouse may be lag while connected to Dell Thunderbolt Dock (TB15) and Dell Dock (WD15)

  • Support for Windows 10 Enterprise features

  • Fixed incorrect Thunderbolt security level reading from Driver

  • Fixed Touchpad may be lost after Dell Thunderbolt Dock (TB15) device connected

  • Add passthrough MAC address shows on BIOS Setup feature.

  • Fixed System will become shut-down with connected to Dell Thunderbolt Dock (TB15) after S4 Resume.


XPS 13 9350 1.4.4 BIOS

  • Improve touchscreen disable feature functionality
  • Added Support for Pre-OS MAC Address pass-through support for Dell Docks and specific Dell LAN Dongles. Display of MAC Address pass-through value in BIOS Setup.
  • Improved Type-C device performance and stability



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