Warning: FossHub hacked – Classic Shell is compromised

Just a big warning, the open source platform FossHub has been hacked. The installer used by several software packages is compromised and contains bootloader malware. Also the popular start menu enabler Classic Shell is affected.


Just a few day ago, Classic Shell has been updated to version 4.3.0, to address Windows 10 version 1607. But you should be warned, don't download and install software distributed at FossHub (like Classic Shell). verteilt wird. At reddit.com a warning has been published. FossHub has been hacked by group Pegglecrew.

(Source: Reddit.com)

The installer used in many open source packages distributed via FossHub has been compromised. It contains malware that installs a rootkit in bootloader. After the next reboot, the machine shows the message listet above. Let me note: Classic Shell and other open source software isn't hacked, it's the installer used by FossHub. FossHub is down now.

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2 Responses to Warning: FossHub hacked – Classic Shell is compromised

  1. Classic Shell says:

    The installer is clean now once again. Just pay attention to the UAC prompt and make sure the installer is signed by Ivo Beltchev.

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