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SNDBOX: AI-powered Malware analysis platform

SNDBOX is a recently launched malware analysis platform supported by artificial intelligence. The whole thing is even free of charge

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New Crypto Mining Apps in Google Play Store discovered

[German]Avast security researchers have discovered two new crypto-mining apps in the Google Play Store that secretly mining Monero crypto currency on aa infected smartphone.

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The mess with Facebook’s ‘malware protection’

[German]Just a brief view of  Facebook’s approach of securing users with malware protection. The ‘Malware protection’ attempt of the social network causes some Facebook users a lot of trouble and prevents them from logging in.

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MS Office Build-In-Feature: Can be used for replicating malware

[German]Microsoft Office Build-In features have a vulnerability that allows malware to spread. Microsoft doesn’t see any vulnerability – but now a’ qkG Ransomware’ seems to have emerged that uses exactly this technique.

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#BadRabbit #Ransomware outbreak in Eastern Europe

[German]Urgent warning to all administrators in corporate environments. Eastern Europe has been hit by an outbreak of BadRabbit ransomware campaign. Affected are Windows systems and networks in corporate environments. It’s similar to the NotPetya infection in early summer this year. … Continue reading

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CCleaner has been infected with malware

[German]Piriform’s cleaning tool for Windows, CCleaner, now belonging to Czech Anti Virus vendor AVAST, has been compromised and served malware for a month.

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Bashware allows Malware to bypass Security Solutions in Windows 10

[German]Security researcher has found a new security issue in Windows 10 that allows malware to bypass most common security solutions using Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

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Microsoft fixes critical Malware Protection Engine vulnerability

[German]Microsoft has acted quickly to a critical vulnerability in Windows, reported yesterday (see Windows has a critical wormable vulnerability). This night a security advisory has been released, patches will be available.

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Nvidia driver enables malware injection

It’s a nasty thing: Nvidia ships a Node.js server with its driver update function. But this Node.js server may be used to inject and execute malware on Windows systems.

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DNSMessenger Trojan is using DNS queries for its orders

[German]Security researchers has discovered a new file less malware that comes as a PowerShell script and uses DNS queries to receive its orders.

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