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Contaminated QR codes infect smartphones

[German]Security researchers at Check Point are observing a new trend among hackers: they are attempting to steal more access data via infected QR codes or load fraudulent applications and malware onto users’ cell phones. Advertising

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Pixel 5: Battery display bug confirmed

[German]There is a bug with the new Google Pixel 5: The battery indicator displays random values, which is extremely stupid, because you can no longer determine how far the device is charged / discharged. The cause of this bug is … Continue reading

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Android: Preinstalled malware found on subsidized US smartphones

[German]Security researchers from Malwarebytes have found Malware on state-subsidized Android smartphones. The malware was pre-installed on the state sponsored devices. Advertising

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the broken camera glass

[German]New trouble for owners of a Samsung flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra. Smartphone owners are currently complaining about cracked glass covers on the rear camera. These are not isolated cases that are being reported. Samsung has probably not yet made a … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S20: GPS issues and Firmware Update

[German]For users of the Samsung flagship Galaxy S20, the manufacturer has provided a firmware update that probably should solve camera issues. In addition, smartphone owners are complaining about GPS problems – it probably takes an extremely long time to get … Continue reading

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BSI recommendation for smartphones: 5 years of updates

[German]German BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) has written down some security requirement for new smartphones. Consequence: You cannot buy Android devices anymore.  Also Windows 10 devices might be kicked, if such gadged are available. And App? Will facing also … Continue reading

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Windows 10 Mobile V1703 reaches end of support today

[German]A short side note: Owners of a smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile Version 1703 will receive security updates for the last time today. That means the support ends today. Advertising

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German authorities found preinstalled Malware on 4 China phones (June 2019)

[German]The German Federal Office for Information Security (German: Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik – BSI) currently warns of four Android smartphone models from China in whose firmware malware has been found. Advertising

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First foldable Smartphone available (in China)

[German]A mobile device with a flexible or foldable display is being developed by some manufacturers and pictures of prototypes are appearing again and again. But now it seems to be real: A Chinese manufacturer presented the FlexPai for sale on … Continue reading

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Black Hat: Millions of Smartphones vulnerable

[German]Security researchers have analyzed smartphones on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). They found vulnerabilities in devices from four major U.S. carriers that can be exploited. Advertising

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