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Windows 10 Mobile V1703 reaches end of support today

[German]A short side note: Owners of a smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile Version 1703 will receive security updates for the last time today. That means the support ends today. Advertising

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German authorities found preinstalled Malware on 4 China phones (June 2019)

[German]The German Federal Office for Information Security (German: Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik – BSI) currently warns of four Android smartphone models from China in whose firmware malware has been found. Advertising

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First foldable Smartphone available (in China)

[German]A mobile device with a flexible or foldable display is being developed by some manufacturers and pictures of prototypes are appearing again and again. But now it seems to be real: A Chinese manufacturer presented the FlexPai for sale on … Continue reading

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Black Hat: Millions of Smartphones vulnerable

[German]Security researchers have analyzed smartphones on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). They found vulnerabilities in devices from four major U.S. carriers that can be exploited. Advertising

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Samsung Galaxy S7 vulnerable to Meltdown

Surprise: The Samsung Galaxy S7 is also affected by the meltdown vulnerability, although no Intel CPU is working there. This was announced to Reuters by security researchers from the University of Graz. Researchers Daniel Gruss, Moritz Lipp and Michael Schwarz … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Project Andromeda – Dual-Screen-Surface?

[German]So far I haven’t written about all rumors on Microsoft’s project Andromeda. Now, however, there are new information that concretizes some things. Microsoft’s Project Andromeda could be a foldable surface smartphone for your pocket. Advertising

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Made by Google: Pixel 2 without ear bud

[German]Google’s Pixel 2 (and Pixel XL) are flag ships and reference for modern Android smartphones, available since October 19, 2017. But it’s ‘made by Google’ – means hefty price, but stingy equipment. Advertising

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HP Elite x3 – end of life?

[German]Hewlett Packard is still selling the HP Elite x3, a Windows 10 based higher end smartphone. But it seems this product is a kind of ‘lame duck’ or ‘dead horse’, because it has reached end of life – just one … Continue reading

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Lenovo reverts to Stock Android on Smartphones

It seems (probably) a good news: Lenovo is ditching its own Vibe Pure UI on smartphones and will ship those devices with pure Android. All vendor specific bloatware will be removed. Advertising

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Blu will change Software on cheap chinese phones

Last month security firm Kryptowire discovered some “telemetry” functions within Android ROMs, provided by chinese firm  Adups, shipped on cheap china phones ($50), shipped by Miami based vendor Blu. The phone was sending data to a server in China. Blu … Continue reading

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