Speaker Gate: Audio output distorted on the Samsung Galaxy S22

[German]Some of the proud owners of a Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone are facing a problem. The speakers of Samsung's flagship keep emitting unintelligible sounds, and people have to switch to a headset or earphones to understand audio output. The problem sometimes occurs after flights. The problem is bizarre, as "put the smartphone in the fridge for a few hours" or "open the SIM slot for a moment" are traded as workarounds. It seems that the problem of the speakers is caused by a lack of pressure compensation in the casing.


The forums are full of descriptions

In the Samsung user forum for the Galaxy S22, for example, there is the thread Galaxy S22 Speaker Distortion and Crackling, where a US user complains that the speakers on the smartphone play the sound output distorted or crackling.

If you are having speaker crackling coming from both speakers and you're within your return window, RETURN YOUR PHONE and buy a new one. Hopefully you get one from a new batch that was built right.

Info only:

I pre-ordered early and got my s22 around Feb 23rd. In colder weather, playing any audio through the speakers sounds like they're blown out. Sounds terrible. Some other members have the same problem and said that pressing down on the screen firmly would make it sound normal. As soon as pressure is removed, it goes back to crackling. In warm weather, speakers are fine. 

After calling Samsung support 4 different times, they came up with no solutions except to send the phone in for evaluation and repair. I told them that it's my only phone and I'm not wanting a "repaired" device but a new one. Repaired devices are never as good as factory originals and since I keep my phone's for 3+ yrs, I need one that's gonna last like my s8 active did. 

It's unacceptable that after spending so much money on a flagship product, we receive something that fails quality control. I'm still within my 15 day return window and will be sending it back. Already purchased a replacement myself hoping its from a different batch.

The poster writes that he has had the Galaxy S22 since February 23, 2022 and that the speaker output sounds atrocious in cold weather. The sound output would be okay in warm temperatures. Some users can improve the sound output by pressing on the display, but as soon as the device is released, it clangs again. Others put the device in a refrigerator for a few hours to fix the problems.

The thread has received a lot of confirmations from other users. Someone writes that they noticed the behavior on a flight, and posted a YouTube video where you can hear the broken sound. There are other users who have noticed these speaker issues with the device after a flight. Other threads can be found here, here, and here, also mentioning the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.  

ome users then try a device reset to factory settings, which definitely does not help. The description of those affected after taking the device on an airplane point to pressure equalization issues. In the post quoted above, the device owner recommends complaining about the Galaxy S22 to support and insisting on a device replacement. The hope: That the device comes from a different batch and does not have the problems.

Cause: No pressure compensation

The assumption regarding pressure compensation problems (pressure compensation in the casing does not work) is also found in the following thread. Someone wrote there that the SIM card should be ejected briefly via the card slot and then reinserted. 


Samsung Galaxy S22 speaker crackling fix

According to Golem, this insert is protected by a rubber seal. Opening it equalizes the pressure and the speaker membranes can vibrate freely again.

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