Samsung Galaxy S20: GPS issues and Firmware Update

[German]For users of the Samsung flagship Galaxy S20, the manufacturer has provided a firmware update that probably should solve camera issues. In addition, smartphone owners are complaining about GPS problems – it probably takes an extremely long time to get a GPS position.


Complaining about GPS issues

XDA Developers has taken up the topic in this article. Some users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 have problems using the GPS function with the device. This seems to affect the models sold outside Europe with Snapdragon CPU (in Germany, smartphones with Exynos CPU are sold). In the following tweet a user summarizes the problem. .

On his device, apps can't determine the GPS position, or can't determine it accurately, no matter what he does. The following tweet also points out this problem and the Samsung forum.

In the forum users confirm the problem. However, all Samsung Galaxy models (S20, S20+, S20 Ultra) with Snapdragon CPU are probably affected. With some users the app finds a signal after 30 minutes to better determine the position. But as soon as the user moves, the app loses the GPS position again. In fact, GPS is unusable and a solution is not known yet. A user writes that when switching from 5G to LTE (4G) his device no longer has the GPS problem. Samsung speaks of a limited number of devices and is likely to replace them.


Firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S20

Furthermore, Samsung has a firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 with Exynos CPU in preparation (not yet available as OTA), as SAM.Mobile reported here. The biggest change of this update seems to happen in the camera application. The app will be upgraded to version for all three Galaxy S20 models. It is currently unclear whether the biggest problem plaguing users: the slow autofocus is fixed. At the moment I have no confirmation that this problem is really fixed by the update.

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