Windows 10 V1607: KB3176932 improves Miracast capabilities

Windows 10 Anniversary Update contains the Connect app that converts a Windows machine to a Miracast receiver. A Windows 10 machine can also stream the screen wireless to a Miracast receiver. But Windows 10 Version 1607 has serious Miracast issues. Update KB3176932 improves the Miracast capabilities in Windows 10 Anniversary Update.


I wrote about the Connect app and its test within the blog post Windows 10 Version 1607: Testing Miracast and Connect-App. My test shows, that the Connect app has serious issues and also the Miracast capabilities in Windows 10 Version 1607 was bad. Some users are reporting, that streaming to a Samsung Smart TV was broken. Blog reader Albert W. has send me an e-mail informing me about improvements.

I run Windows 10 Anniversary Update on two notebooks. After installing the latest update KB3176932 (08/17/.2016) projecting from notebook 1 to notebook 2 works.

It's not without a hassle, scaling/screen resolution is wrong on the machine acting as a Miracast sink, so the connect app window is zoomed. The native resolution of both notebooks ist 1920 x 1080, but at least streaming works now.

Also wireless streaming from a notebook to a Samsung Smart TV works now (like it has worked in Windows 10 version 1511).

I've addressed update KB3176932 within my German blog post Windows 10 Build 14393.82 im Release Preview Ring, Anniversary Update für Mobilegeräte, Holografie-Shell für Windows 10 Systeme in 2017.

AirServer 5.1.0 released

I don't plan an new test with Connect app, because I intend to have a closer look and review of AirServer Universal. The developers of this software informed me, that AirServer 5.1.0 just has been released. AirServer runs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Version 1511 and Version 1607 (Anniversary Update). So machines are able to work as a Miracast receiver – and it's now possible to run AirServer parallel to Connect app. The error 120 (Not_Implemented), caused by Microsoft's removed/changed Miracast API) has been fixed. AirServer Universal seems to me the better choise, because this software supports receiving AirPlay, Miracast and Google Cast.

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