Windows 10: Store downloads causes error 0x80D05001

[German]Some users of Windows 10 are receiving an error 0x80D05001 during the attempt, to load or update apps from Windows Store. Here are a few hints what you can do to fix this error.


I came across this error in several German Microsoft Answers forum threads. Also this US Microsoft Answers forum thread deals with this error. Error code 0x80D05001 stands for DO_E_HTTP_BLOCKSIZE_MISMATCH, if my interpretation of KB3175743 from July 2016 is right.

Third party Internet Security Suites are causing this issue

In my experience, third party tools, that establish an own proxy server, are the root cause for Windows Store error 0x80D05001. So check whether third party Internet Security Suites or VPN software is installed.

If that's true, check, whether there is an option to configure proxy or Firewall settings. In case of Antivirus solutions, try to uninstall this software for test purposes. And check, whether the vender offers a clean tool to remove install settings/files that's left after uninstalling the package.

Check the proxy server settings

One repair attempt is to check the settings for the proxy server used in Windows. Here are the steps.

1. Press Windows + R to invoke the Run dialog box and type inetcpl.cpl. Click OK to execute this command.


2. Click the Connections tab, and then click the LAN settings button.

3. In Local Area Network (LAN) Settings dialog uncheck the box Use a proxy server for your LAN (..).

The close the dialog box and the tab using the OK button. Then try a reboot and check, if the issue has been fixed.

The steps to reset the proxy settings in Internet Explorer is also discussed in KB2289942. If your application requires a proxy server, read KB3175743, and set the proxy rules according to the requirements defined in the KB article.

Try Update Troublshooter, reset Store cache

Un-experienced users may download the troubleshooter for Windows apps and run  WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab – and hope, that this will fix the issue. Also checking the Date an Time of the system shall be helpful (if the date/time is set wrong, this may cause download errors). A third method is to reset the Store cache.

1. Press Windows + R to invoke the Run dialog box and type wsreset.exe.

2. Click OK to execute this command.

After cleaning the Store cache, try again to download Apps or updates from Windows tore and see, if the issue has been fixed.

In case, Windows is damaged, executing the commands mentioned within my blog post Check and repair Windows system files and component store may be helpful.

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