Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Lost Ethernet Package in LAN

After upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, more an more users are facing an issue in local area networks (LAN). It seems, that packages are lost in Ethernet transmission, if network traffic is high.


Microsoft has started the rollout of Windows 10 Anniversary Update  since August 2, 2016. But because it is a rollout in waves (see Windows 10 Anniversary Update rollout explained), it can take up to November, until all machines received this feature upgrade. Also admins can delay Anniversary Update in Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise (Defer update in settings app) or block the feature upgrade in WSUS.

But, if the system has been upgraded, several issues are known in Windows 10 Anniversary Update (I've blogged about that, see the Wiki). Hanspeter Holzer directed me in a diesem Google+-Posting to another issue. He wrote:

Since the Windows 10 1607 "anniversary" Update is rolling out to customers without WSUS or deferred updates setting, we get an increasing number of reports about problems with packet loss on the Ethernet interface (internal/LAN) upon high load. The automatically restored P2P setting in the advanced Windows update settings does NOT help with this.
Especially the combination of Fujitsu workstations with Realtek NIC seem to be affected. Updating the NIC driver seems to help in most cases.

Obviously the P2P settings to download update packages for other machines within the LAN doesn't affect this behavior. It seems that the network card driver is causing this issue. Hanspeter wrote, that updating the NIC driver (especially on Realtec cards) seems to help. Thanks to Hanspeter and my question: Somebody else is facing this issue?

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