HP apologizes, new firmware update for printers soon

HP has published a statement, where the company apologizes for blocking third party refill ink cartriges and promises a new firmware update removing this feature.


HP has issued a firmware update for several ink jet printers in March 2016, and this firmware started to block third party refill ink cartriges from September 13, 2016 onwards. I've blogged about that in my article HP printer firmware disables refill ink cartridges. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has criticized HP for this move and wrote an open letter to HP's CEO. It seems that the public shitstorm has changed the mind of HP's upper management. In a public statement (see below) HP apologizes for this move and promised to release a modified firmware within 14 days.

September 28, 2016

Dedicated to the best printing experience

HP Newsroom

HP engineers the best and most-secure printing systems in the world. We strive to always provide the highest-quality experiences for our customers and partners. As a new company, we are committed to transparency in all of our communications and when we fall short, we call ourselves out.   

There is confusion in the market regarding a printer firmware update – here are the facts:


We updated a cartridge authentication procedure in select models of HP office inkjet printers to ensure the best consumer experience and protect them from counterfeit and third-party ink cartridges that do not contain an original HP security chip and that infringe on our IP.

HP printers and original HP ink products deliver the best quality, security and reliability. When ink cartridges are cloned or counterfeited, the customer is exposed to quality and potential security risks, compromising the printing experience. 

As is standard in the printing business, we have a process for authenticating supplies. The most recent firmware update included a dynamic security feature that prevented some untested third-party cartridges that use cloned security chips from working, even if they had previously functioned.

We should have done a better job of communicating about the authentication procedure to customers, and we apologize. Although only a small number of customers have been affected, one customer who has a poor experience is one too many.

It is important to understand that all third party cartridges with original HP security chips continue to function properly.

As a remedy for the small number of affected customers, we will issue an optional firmware update that will remove the dynamic security feature. We expect the update to be ready within two weeks and will provide details here. In the meantime, customers with immediate care issues can reach us at a dedicated support center – print-hpi@hp.com.

We will continue to use security features to protect the quality of our customer experience, maintain the integrity of our printing systems, and protect our IP including authentication methods that may prevent some third-party supplies from working.

However, we commit to improving our communication so that customers understand our concerns about cloned and counterfeit supplies. Again, to our loyal customers who were affected, we apologize.


Jon Flaxman
Chief Operating Officer, HP Inc.

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6 Responses to HP apologizes, new firmware update for printers soon

  1. George says:

    The funny, is, e.g. HP Netherlands happily told complaining customers that HP is in their right, and [by implication] go shuff it. Most certainly, I'd never ever buy an HP printer again!

    But anyway, it's ink to be put on a paper "best quality, security and reliability."

    Seems the internet of things, including camera's are currently being deployed in massive DDoS attacks, but how print cartridges would become part of such is a total mystery.

  2. Mach says:

    I fixed my 8170 'replace cartridge' error with a Brother Laser Printer. Basically long and short – Laser Brother printing is the same cost as HP deskjet printing.

    No brainer and I have not investigated 3rd Part Brother Laser refills yet.

    This is by HP design, done deliberately to drive revenue.

    Visit the John Flaxman link above provided here : think of the revenue required to justify all those faces.



  3. Susan says:

    I have a job 4500 printer and I still cannot any brand but how. HELP.

  4. Advertising

  5. Dawn Areson says:

    So done with HP! I cannot believe how a rich company like HP can update firmware in your printer to make the cartridges not work. Its disgusting how these big companies take advantage of their customers in sneaky ways! Good bye HP, forever! 2023

  6. Gary E Vaughan says:

    HP has done it again. They block users from using third party software by updates to the printer. I will never buy another HP printer! I will also join a class action movement to get this block removed. What a terrible way to start out 2024 with another try by HP to force you to use their expensive ink cartridges.

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