Microsoft: Installing Windows Updates – just trust us …

Windows UpdateMany users are complaining about updates released from Microsoft. In an interview, Microsoft's Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Client and Mobility, says "Rather than you approving which patches you want, we are saying let them all flow".


The interview with Brad Anderson was held by The Register at the Ignite 2016 conference. The Register talked with Anderson about updates, mobile security and upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Within this interview, Anderson outlined Microsoft's long term vision for updates:

Our long term vision on Windows 10 management is that organisations should rely on Microsoft to do more for them on their behalf. Let us worry about your images. Let us keep your devices updated through Windows Update for Business. Rather than you approving which patches you want, we are saying let them all flow because the way organisations get the most secure, the most compliant, the most reliable and most performance devices is to stay updated with all of our updates

After The Register addressed user worries about updates, breaking the compatibility, Anderson said:

There is years of experience that IT pros have, sometimes we release updates that break something. As we build confidence with IT pros around the world that our updates are solid they will get more comfortable with just letting the patches go through," Anderson says, though he adds that "in Windows Update for Business you have the ability to say, I want to delay these updates, so you have some level of control. You don't have the degree where you can say I want to deploy these three but not these 10.

Pretty scary (according to the experiences we have had with Microsoft updates within the last 12 months). The whole interview may be read the The Register article. What's your experience/opinion with Microsoft's update? Is Anderson true, or is it a worse idea to let Microsoft decide which updates are going to be installed?

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German edition of this post: Anwender: Überlasst Microsoft die Verwaltung der Updates …


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