Windows 10: Update error 0x80070652

[German]Does Windows 10 Windows Update (or a Windows feature upgrade) stalls with error code 0x0070652? This blog post deals with this error and gives hints how to fix the error cause.


Error code 0x80070652 stands for ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING ('Another installation is already in progress', see here, here and here). So a solution will be to wait, until the current update has been finished. Performing several reboots can be helpful, to solve pending/hanging update installations.

Does third party antivirus software blocks?

If an update is still pending, even after a couple of reboots, probably an installed third party antivirus blocks the installation. If an third party antivirus is installed, first try to deactivate this solution and check, if the update installation can be finished. If that doesn't helps, try to uninstall the party antivirus solution and check, if the AV vender provides a clean tool to remove remaining installation left overs.

A previous  update installation failed

Check your update history (using settings app, category Update & security) to find out, if a previous update has been failed. If that happens, try to manually download an install the update using Microsoft Update Catalog). See also this technet blog post for further hints.

Reset Windows Update Store

If the hints given above doesn't helps, you can try to reset Windows Update store. Microsoft has published KB/971058 (How do I reset Windows Update components?) with detailed instructions to automatically reset Windows Update via update trouble shooter or performing a manual reset.

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