Microsoft Update Catalog finally supports different browsers

[German]Finally Microsoft has removed the ActiceX dependency in Microsoft Update Catalog. So you can use nearly any browser beside Internet Explorer to access Microsoft Update Catalog.


In the past, visiting the Microsoft Update Catalog website in other browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, ends with a message, that only Internet Explorer is supported. But Microsoft has announced in August 2016 within this Technet blog post, that they will removing the ActiveX requirements.

Microsoft Update Catalog

The Microsoft Update Catalog website is being updated to remove the ActiveX requirement so it can work with any browser. Currently, Microsoft Update Catalog still requires that you use Internet Explorer. We are working to remove the ActiveX control requirement, and expect to launch the updated site soon.

Now the Microsoft Update Catalog website doesn't depends on ActiveX anymore. Visiting the site in Google Chrome Browser shows this page.

Microsoft Update Catalog

Entering the KB number into the search box allows to search for the update package. After clicking Search, the related results are listed.


Just click the Download button, to open the windows shown below. This windows contains also the download link for the .msu file.

What has been removed is the old ActiveX feature to collect several update packages within a bag and download it at one time. Also accessing the Microsoft Update Catalog creates an error, if cookies are blocked within the browser. Overall it's a nice change allowing to use other browsers to download items from Microsoft Update Catalog.

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