Windows 10: Update issues with KB3201845, KB3206632

Microsoft has released two updates KB3201845 and KB3206632 in December 2016 for Windows 10 Version 1607. Some users are facing issues. Here are a few information what I’ve recognized so far.


Update KB3206632 hangs at 0%, 95% …

Some users are facing a kind of “hung” downloading this update. The progress bar shows 0 % for hours. Some users are reaching 95% und update stops. A reboot is causing a hung at 0% (see this tread).


I got this hung on a test machine, where the download remains for hours at 1% (see screenshot above). But I’m not sure, whether the update download or just the refresh of the progress bar is the problem. Checking the update history during writing this blog post showed me, that update KB3201845 has been installed.


After switching back and forth between the update history and the update progress bar, suddenly the download showed “as finish” and the update was ready for installing.



And after a restart, all updates are reported as installed. My guess: A missing refresh is resposible for a progress hung a x %.

Tip: If the update won’t download, try Microsoft Update Catalog to manually download the update and install the downloaded package.

Update KB3206632 requires Servicing stack update for Windows 10 Version 1607: October 27, 2016 (KB3199986).

Fixes and possible issues with KB3206632

Currently I’m not sure, what has been fixed and whether issues reported from single users are a broader problem. Here are a few topics I have seen on the net.

  • DHCP-/CDPSVC-Dienste-Problem not fixed? According to Microsoft KB3206632 addresses crashes of CDPSVC service. At a user reports within this thread that he observed continues crashes.

  • 100% Disk usage bug fixe? Some Windows 10 V1607 users are facing a 100 % disk usage after booting the system. At a user reported a fix of this bug, but another user still has this disk usage bug.

  • 3,9 TB Disk Clean Up bug not fixed: Another user at reported Windows Update Cleanup still shows 3.99TB to be feed under an admin account at 64 bit machines.

  • Hybrid graphics crashes: Some notebooks with hybrid graphics are crashing in full screen mode playing videos (in Chrome for instance). According to this thread, a team at Redmond is working on this issue since 4 months, but a patch isn’t publicly released.

  • Broken start menu, Google apps caused by KB3201845 are fixe: Update KB3201845 brokes many things on user systems (see). Google apps was broken and startmenu showed issues. A list of bugs caused by update KB3201845 may found here. At a user reported, that issues caused by update KB3201845 has been fixed with update KB3206632.

Did you face other issues that are new or fixed with update KB3201845?

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