File lock bug in #Slimjet browser version

[German]It seems that Slimjet browser version released on January 6, 2016 contains a nasty "file lock bug". Here's what I found so far – maybe others can confirm it.


My scenario: Slimjet browser Version portable under Windows 7 SP1 64 bit version. The browser locks uploads files until the program is closed.

File lock until the browser process terminates

I stumbled upon this bug during uploading images in the portable version of Slimjet browser Version I use this feature during blogging, to host my images for blog posts in WordPress or on other image hosting sites. Suddenly the files wasn't no more alterable. So I run the following test scenarios:

  • Upload an image file into the WordPress media area
  • Upload an image file to

I'm able to reproduce this file lock error. Here are my test scenarios:

  • Drag a graphic file into the uload area of a web site (WordPress media upload area, area "Bilder hierhin ziehen"),. That works as expected.
  • Select the button within the Website (WordPress media upload area, ) to upload a media file. Then the Windows Open dialog box will be shown and allows to select and upload a media file (see the following screen shot).

Bild auswählen

Uploading an image file via the Windows Open dialog box is causing a file lock. After uploading, I'm no more able to save the image from am image program – I got this error dialog, after I tried to save a modify image.



Also, my attempt to delete the faulty image file and then restore the modified version from the image program failed with the following error dialog box.


Closing the browser tab used for upload isn't sufficient. The file lock and the file handle is only released after closing the whole browser (this is terminating all Slimjet processes – another "not so fine" issue, that processes of already closed browser tabs remains in memory).

I'm pretty sure, the error wasn't present in earlier versions of Slimjet browser. I also tested the scenarios mentioned above in Google Chrome portable version 55.0.2883.75. But there is no file lock.

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