Windows 10: Fix for several Maps App issues

[German]Microsoft provides a Maps app that can be used for navigating. But some users are facing issues with Maps – sometimes it takes long, until the map is shown, or Cortana won't work. Here is a hint, what's causing probably this issues.


Searching Google for "windows 10 maps app not working" results in many hits (see also here, here or here). A reader of my German blog informed me that he found a root cause for the following Maps issues:

  • Maps needs a long time, until maps and street views are shown
  • Cortana won't work with Maps app

Other apps works as expected in Windows 10. His first idea, that it was caused due to an upgrade from Windows 7 seems to be wrong. Finally he found, that the graphic card and it's supported DirectX model was the root cause. He used the DirectX diagnose program dxdiag to inspect the driver support of a graphics card WDDM driver. Here are the details of such a driver support for an ATI Radeon HD 3450 on View tab (he used a German version of dxdiag).


The reader wrote: On the Display tab the Feature Levels are shown. If feature level 10.1 is supported, the Maps app will work. He suggested to insert the graphics card into the machine and let Windows 10 search for WDDM drivers. If Windows 10 installs a driver other than a Microsoft Basic driver, Maps will be supported. He wrote, that the Maps app relies on DirectX 10.

He tested it with Windows 10 32 and 64 Bit with the following graphic sets.
several older Nvidia Geforce 6, 7 or a Quadro FX;
simple graphic devices like AMD/ATI HD 3
Onboard Intel graphics and
Onboard system with ATI HD graphics card


Side note: Maybe it's a hint, if you are running into that issue. But I should also note, that I've tested the Maps app within a VMware VM, just supporting Feature Level 9.3 – and Maps worked.

Die Nvidia Karten hatten alle nur DirectX 9 Unterstützung; mit einem älteren Treiber
für Windows 7 bzw. 8 liefen diese Karten zwar unter Windows 10, jedoch eben nicht
die Apps von Microsoft, die DirectX 10 benötigen. Nur leider sagt einem das niemand und nirgendwo wird darauf hingewiesen. An dieser Stelle mein Dank an Tibor K. für diese Hinweise, vielleicht helfen diese Betroffenen weiter.

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