Firefox privacy settings – what to know

MozillaFirefox browser is still popular and well used on desktop systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). And the browser provides a lot settings to customize it’s behavior. One aspect is the question “how to customize Firefox privacy settings”?


This short blog post was initiated from another post. A few days ago I reported that Firefox Focus mobile browser app for iOS is shipped with third party tracking framework (see Firefox Focus: The ‘Privacy Browser’ with build in user tracking). It would be ok, if Mozilla has shipped the app with user tracking disabled and point to the ability to activate user tracking on this “privacy browser” app.

After publishing this blog post, I received a couple of comments and there is a discussion at AskWoody. While I wrote about the iOS mobile app Firefox Focus, I saw many comments about Firefox as a desktop browser. Firefox on desktop provides many options to deactivate tracking features. There are this comment and this post naming some settings to control tracking and data reporting policies/features.

Also Martin Brinkmann, founder of site, has send me a mail pointing to his updated article Firefox privacy and security user.js 0.11 is out. This article provides a comprehensive Firefox privacy and security settings collection, initially created in 2015. See Martin’s article for details. So users are able to control Firefox privacy settings.


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