Windows 7: Building images with SCCM

win7How can we can deploy Windows 7 in a business environment to several hundred machines in an optimal way? Microsoft has answered recently this question.


Deploying Windows 7 with all security update on several hundred machines in a company can be a time consuming task. And if each machine needs to be updates after installing from an ISO Windows 7 SP1 install image, takes another 30 Minutes at least. 

(Source: Microsoft)

A Microsoft employee has published this Microsoft Technet blog post in January 2017, explaining how to create a fresh Windows 7 SP1 ISO install media. I’ve mentioned it within my blog post How to create a Windows 7 SP refresh media. Now Brandon Wilson from Microsoft has published a Technet blog post Building Windows 7 Images in 2017 detailing how to build fresh Windows 7 SP1 install images using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).  (via)

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