Windows 10: Customize Action Center

Windows 10 is shipped with an Action Center. The tiles shown within this Action Center allows quick access to several settings. Now this part of Action Center can be customized.


Lets have a look at Windows 10 Action Center. Below is the lower part of this Action Center (German version) with tiles to toogle Tablet PC mode, Night Shift Mode, Settings and more.

The tiles may be moved around and can be hidden/shown (I've tested it with Windows 10 Build 15055). Customizing the Action Center may be done using the following steps::

1. Open the Settings app and go to System and then to Notification and Actions.


2. Just drag and drop the tiles shown in the right pane, to change the order of the tile.

3.  To hide or show tiles, select the hyperlink Add or Remove quick actions and toggle the quick action entries.


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