Windows 10 privacy: more transparency and control

Microsoft is collecting a lot of data on Windows 10 systems, so many users are complaining about privacy. Starting with Windows 10 Creators Update Microsoft has begun to reveal more details about which data are collected in Windows 10 and how to switch some privacy settings.


The announcement has been made shortly before Windows 10 Creators Update will be released to the public. Microsoft has detailed the privacy and data collection approach used in Windows 10 V1703 within this blog post.

  • improving in-product information about your privacy: short descriptions about each privacy setting and a “Learn More” button, shall making information about your privacy choices easy to access and understand.
  • updating the Microsoft privacy statement: Microsoft has updated the privacy statement and documents which data are collected for which purpose (see this webseite).
  • publishing more information about the data we collect: There are a Basic level and a full level of data collection in Windows 10. For customers who choose the Full level, Microsoft uses diagnostic data to improve Windows 10 for everyone and deliver more personalized experiences. Microsoft’s hope is this information will help you be more informed about the data collected and used.

Microsoft has documented the data fields transferred within this webseite (deleted) for the selected Basic level of telemetry data transfer. And this webseite (Windows 10, version 1703 Diagnostic Data) contains an overview, which telemetry data are collected for Basic and Full level. Further details may be found within Microsoft’s blog post.

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