Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop introduced

Microsoft has introduced at #MicrosoftEDU the Surface Laptop and also Windows 10 S. Windows 10 S devices are aiming to education sector and schools.


Windows 10 S – only apps from Windows Store

In it’s first part of the presentation, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 S (S stand for school), an operating system running on cheap hardware and addressing the education market. These devices are competitors to Google’s Chromebooks.

(Source: Microsoft)

Windows 10 PCs for the education market will be available from several OEM for 189 US $ onwards. Windows 10 S is preinstalled for free, and the OS is free for schools for its Windows Pro PCs. The package contains also a free Microsoft Office 365 for Education and a one year Minecraft for education subscription.

Windows 10 S is only capable to run apps from Windows Store – but it’s possible to update such a machine Windows 10 Pro. A feature comparison and also answers to many questions may be found at this Microsoft web site.

A special app enables administrators to create USB sticks with an Windows 10 S installation images. Microsoft Intune for Education will be used to administrate the devices with Windows 10 S. More articles about Windows 10 S may be found here, and here.


Surface Laptop starts at 999 US $

Microsoft also introduced the Surface Laptop, a notebook with an 13.5 inch PixelSense Display (3.4 million pixels) which is 9.9 to 14.47 mm thick.

(Source: Twitter)

The notebook weights 1,200 grams and comes with one USB 3.0 Type A connector. The specs may be found at this Microsoft page. The variant with Intel Core i5 CPU, Intel® HD Graphics 620, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD starts at 999 US $. Further articles may be found here and here.


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