Word 2016 Table bug in KB3213656/KB4011039 confirmed

[German]Just an short note: Updates KB3213656 (August 2017) and KB4011039 (September 2017) are causing a bug in merged cells under Word 2016 and Outlook 2016. Microsoft has now published two documents, confirming this issue.


I've covered this issue within my blog post Update KB4011039 causes again Word/Outlook 2016 table bug. After installing update KB3213656 (August 2017) or KB4011039 (September 2017), merged table cells are displayed broken or incomplete in

Word and Outlook.

(Source: Microsoft Answers-Forum)

The issues has been discussed in details within this Microsoft Answers forum thread (the screenshots above is from this forum thread).

I've asked in Microsoft's Answers forum to escalate this issue to Microsoft's Office 2016 product group. Hours after my post in MS answers forum, a Microsoft employee came back with the following answer:


Done! Working on getting all the docs updated now. I'm told the Patch with the fix is targeted for October.

Now Microsoft has published the article After installing KB 3213656 or KB 4011039, merged table cells don't work correctly in Word or Outlook on September 11, 2017, where the issue is described:

After installing the August 8, 2017, update for Word 2016 (KB3213656) or the September 5, 2017, update for Word 2016 (KB4011039), you may encounter the following issues:

  • If you merge vertical cells in a table, the cell content disappears, and you can't select the merged cell.
  • If you open an existing document that has a table with merged cells, the cells will appear to be blank.

This issue occurs only for those who receive Office 2016 updates using Windows Installer technology (MSI). If you have a Click-to-Run edition of Office, such as Office 365 Personal, you won't encounter this issue.


As a workaround, you can uninstall both KBs and your tables will return to normal. We anticipate releasing the fix for this issue in the next monthly update, tentatively scheduled for October 3, 2017.

And the issue has also been documented within Microsoft's article Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in Word for Windows. So, let's wait till October 3, 2017 for a fix.

BTW: If you enrolled the updates mentioned above via WSUS, you can check the uninstall option in WSUS to remove these updates. A discussion about that may be found at Office\Word 2016 – Text missed from tables cell after KB4011039.

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