VirtualBox 5.1.28: Issues with Windows 10 guests

Virtualbox[German]On September 13, 2017, Oracle has released VirtualBox Version 5.1.28. It’s a maintenance update, that fixes several issues. But it raises new issues with Windows 10 guests.


I’ve blogged about this update at VirtualBox 5.1.28 verfügbar (German). Details about improvements may be found within this change log. The new version can be downloaded for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux from this download page. Please note that an updated version of VirtualBox 5.1.28 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack is also needed (to use extended features).

Extension pack 5.1.28 is causing trouble with Windows 10 guests

Shortly after I posted a link to my German article at Google+, I received a feedback from German reader Matthias Seidl. Matthias informed me, that he had serious issues with Windows 10 as guest. The root cause was the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack for VirtualBox 5.1.28. He downgraded to VirtualBox 5.1.26 and its Extension Pack.

A VirtualBox ticket

Matthias informed me in a 2nd post, that the issue already had a ticket No more elevated rights after install of Guest Additions 5.1.28 on Windows at Oracles VirtualBox site.

After installation of the Guest Additions for Windows 5.1.28 on Window 10 Pro no more programs with elevated rights can be executed. There is always a popup saying “The extended attributes are inconsistent”. I found no way to execute anything with elevated righs. I am running Virtualbox 5.1.28 on Ubuntu 16.04.

Other users confirmed this issue with different versions of Windows 10. Problem is with VBoxOGLpackspu.dll.


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11 Responses to VirtualBox 5.1.28: Issues with Windows 10 guests

  1. Franc Drobnič says:

    There are reports that switching off 3D acceleration in VM configuration stops this error from occuring.

  2. Valentin Korenjak says:

    Confirmed. It helped me. Also it seems the issue is related to a combo of Guest additions (probably does not occur with old additions 5.1.26), Extension Pack and guest OS. Windows 10 CU seems to be the worst since it fails to run any(?) installer including removal of Guest additions).

  3. Paweł Sitkowski says:

    confirmed. switching off 3D acceleration in VM configuration stops this error from occuring.

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  5. essai40 says:

    for me in windows 10 switch off 3D acceleration do not work, this probleme ist the same
    sorry i m french.

  6. Felipe says:

    confirmed. worked for me windows 10 and 5.1.28 extension pack. Thanks!!

  7. David says:

    Cheers – I was dangerously close to formatting my Windows partition. Disabling 3D acceleration worked.

  8. Herti Mcgertie says:

    switching off 3d in VM setting worked, i can run most things, however it creates new problems … weird restrictions in the feedback hub app, including a message implying that you can only submit if you switch from “Basic” data collection to “Full” (not true), without 3d acceleration the submit button is un-clickable .. with 3d submit several times in a row no matter what basic or full was on …. Run –> netplwiz , cant click on anything (permanent, 3d setting irrelevant after first changed, but before it let me think i was changing stuff) , submit button not working,,, ok it is saying if you switch to full that it will take a screenshot as an extra “feature” and send more details about WTF is Going on , hey hey hey……

    its a fart and a half thats for damn sure

  9. Herti Mcgertie says:

    it is all virtualbox 5.1.28 @ Fault, …. reverted to 5.1.26 and all is working….

  10. Alexandre says:

    My Windows 10 guest became incredible slow after upgrade to .28 !!!
    The problem worsts after install the guest additions. I will revert back to .26, but in Ubuntu I will need to install via .dpk

  11. TK says:

    Switching off 3D in VM setting worked on my Mac OS X VB 5.1.28

    That also fixed Windows 10 File System error (-1073741819)

    I have now upgraded VB to 5.2.14 which seems to work fine with 3D enabled.

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