Windows 8.1: September 2017 update breaks MS account login

[German]Users of Windows 8.1 are plagued by a stupid error. After Microsoft released September 2017 update KB4038792 (Monthly Rollup), they are no more able to log into their Microsoft user accounts.


Moving from local to MS account not possible

I don't boot my Windows 8.1 test machines to often, so I haven't observed this error. But a Windows 8.1 user hat created this Microsoft answers forum post on on September 18, 2017. She describes the problem as follows:

I have just formatted my laptop and am using Windows 8.1. While setting up, I selected the Local Account.  I am now trying to switch to the Microsoft account, but it keeps showing that Windows can't connect, and that I should check for any network problems.
I have tried installing all updates, resolving PC issues, creating another user account and trying from there, but nothing works. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

KB4038792 (Monthly Rollup) seems to be guilty

Searching the Internet, I found similar forum posts in Microsoft Answers. Within this forum entry, another user reported this issue on 09/17 /2017. The user tried to create a new Microsoft account in Windows 8.1, but received an error message:

Sorry, we couldn't connect to Microsoft services right now. If this problem persist, search for "network problem" on the Start screen.

Microsoft Konto: Anmeldefehler

It seems, that September update KB4038792 (monatlicher Rollup for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2) is causing this issue.

Microsoft knows this bug

Microsoft's employee Yolvi Ell has answered the Microsoft Answers forum post as:


This is a known bug in Windows 8.1 after the latest September update. Our Support Engineers are already looking into it and doing their best to resolve it as quickly as possible so as to minimize the inconvenience to our customers. We'll keep you updated via this thread once a bug fix has been released.

I found also thish forum thread, where another Microsoft employee confirms the same. One of my German blog readers told me at Facebook, that also devices with Windows RT 8.1 are affected. (via)

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8 Responses to Windows 8.1: September 2017 update breaks MS account login

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  3. krzemien says:

    For what it's worth: Win8.1 x64 with MS account and no issue seen. I did not create any new accounts or switched local/MS type back and forth though

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  5. kat says:

    I've experienced the same screen earlier this month changing from a local account to my MS account. I simply tried again, changing the local account to the MS account and it worked the second go-around. Didn't think much of it since I assumed it may have been a glitch on MS's end connecting to their servers. Makes me wonder if this is related to the Windows Store problem (no longer supported screen when accessing the store) that occurred not long ago.

    • guenni says:

      After posting the German article, I received similar feedback from a Win 8.1 user. Maybe it's a combination of update and server issues – who knows.

  6. Trina says:

    I was trying to install a game from the Windows store.
    I needed to log in with my microsoft account but I couldn't.
    When it asked for the local password, I entered it. But it showed this message :
    But I checked my network, ran the windows network diagnostics and checked on the web by browsing other websites. My net was running fine.
    I also logged in to my Microsoft account at the website of it and it easily did. But still, I can't get logged in to the store.
    Please help.

  7. Kat says:

    Update: The problem seems to have been fixed. Not sure it was Oct 2017 Patch Tuesday or not as I haven't checked in awhile.

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