Windows 10: System protection mysteries

[German]Within this blog post, I would like to discuss two observations about system protection. After a Windows 10 install, the system protection is turned off. And it seems, that there are cases, where the computer protection might be activated by itself. This behavior makes System Restore a lottery game.


Using system protection

System protection enables Windows system restore to create restore points using VSS. This provides users with the ability to rollback some changes within Windows (faulty driver installs, broken updates etc.).

System Protection

But system protection needs to be active for a (Windows) drive. At is an article discussing how to switch system protection on or off.

System protection is disabled after Windows 10 install

System restore only works, if system protection is enabled for Windows drive. But there is a pitfall. Since a while, Windows 10 will be installed with system protection disabled by default. I don’t know the reasons, there are a lot of speculations. If a user intends to use system restore, it’s mandatory to check the state of system protection after each feature update (e.g. Fall Creators Update).

Windows 10 enables system protection suddenly

But there seems to be another curious behavior. I received yesterday a mail from a German blog reader asking me, if I’m aware, that Windows 10 may active a disabled system protection. I haven’t noticed such a thing, but the blog reader wrote in a 2nd mail:


In LTSB 2016 may deactivated system protection has been switched back to active, without user interaction. I get angry with this kind of thing, just like MS with updates always screws on my privacy settings.

Is was the protection for C:, that was suddenly activated. I detected it, when I made image backup and the image was suddenly bigger than on another machine.

The user told me, that he found a thread in the web with the same behavior. I guess it was this Microsoft Answers forum thread, but this didn’t deliver too much details. An older post about Windows 7 may be found here. It is supposed, that an update or a software activates system protection. So my question is: Did somebody else observed this behavior?

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