Windows 10 V1709: Bug prevents renaming in Explorer

[German]It seems that the newly released Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (V1709) threatens us with bugs a hell. Even Explorer contains a bug that prevents renaming files or folders.


I couldn't believe, as I read this German forum post, where a user claims that renaming of files and folders don't work in Explorer. Here is a screenshot of my German Windows Explorer, where I set the View mode to small icons.

This mode completely disables the rename function in Windows Explorer. Pressing function key F2, which normally invokes a rename operation for the selected item, doesn't show any reaction. Also the context menu command Rename and the Rename button within the ribbon won't do the rename.

The only workaround is: Change the View mode to Details or an other mode and try the rename operation. I don't know, if it's only related to the German Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (V1709), or if it also affected other languages. But the bug is also in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17017 (Redstone 4).

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6 Responses to Windows 10 V1709: Bug prevents renaming in Explorer

  1. Aytek Gafaroğulları says:

    Hello there,

    It also happens in Turkish Version 1709 too.

  2. RTH says:

    It happens in my English Version 1709 as well.

  3. Scoox says:

    Same problem here. THIS is the problem with updates from Microsoft. They release updates every few months, and if an update breaks something, you have to wait for the next update and live with the bugs for that period of time. Also, there is no guarantee that the bug will be fixed with the next update, since there are internal protocols at Microsoft that prevent it's own developers from fixing shit swiftly, even though they may very well be aware of the problem.

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  5. Scoox says:

    Edit: What I just said holds true, except that this time the problem I was having with the F1 and F2 keys not working was because I had another application running in the background that was configured to use F1 and F2 as global hotkeys. After closing said application, everything works again.

  6. Windows Explorer Not Responding says:

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  7. milcheloveck says:

    I faced the same problem. However, changing the appearance of the icons did not help me. In addition to the problem with File Explorer, the problem also occurs in Total Commander. It would be nice if the bug fixed with the release of the Windows 10 update. Maybe you know its index?

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