Windows Update error 0x80244022

[German]Today I address update error 0x80244022, which can hit users in any current Windows version. I have been confronted with this error message recently in Windows 7 SP1.


The error description

There is not much to be said about the update error 0x80244022. I let Windows 7 SP1 check for updates on November 15, 2017 Patchday. First it was reported that no updates were available (although patchday has been on 14th). When I started the update search again, update client drops the following error dialog:

Update Fehler 0x80244022

Because I did not have a third party virus scanner etc. installed, I was sure, that the error was caused by Windows. I've covered error 0x80244022 in some blog posts, but those posts was dealing with app store errors.

What does update error 0x80244022 stands for?

I cover how to decipher error codes 0x8024xxx within my blog post Tip: Windows Update error code 0x8024xxxx list. Error 0x80244022 stand for:



It's the same error lik HTTP Status 503 and says the service is temporarily overloaded.

Fix for Windows Update error 0x80244022

When I got the error message, my first impulse was to restart Windows and then search again for updates. Because I intended to document the error within a blog post, I begun to type some text. After some minutes, I would document the steps, so I restarted an update search. But then I was greeted by the following message.

Windows Update-Suchergebnisse

Windows had detected some updates, the temporarily overloaded service have had recovered. I don't know, if Microsoft's update servers or my network was overloaded (at the same time two Windows 10 test machines was downloading updates).

Microsoft indicates, that when Windows Update error 80244022 is displayed during the Update Search, an unusually high number of updates may be requested by Windows Update Servers. Microsoft advises you to wait a few minutes and then try checking for updates again. If an update error 80244022 occurs, try the following steps:

  • If the computer is connected to a workstation network, you should contact the network administrator. In this case, the Windows client probably gets the updates using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). The service enables network administrators to deploy and manage updates for all computers on a network.
  • If the computer is normally connected to a network at the workstation (e. g. when using a laptop computer that is currently in use at home or at another location), the client may receive updates through WSUS and may not be able to download updates through a direct connection to the Internet or another network (e. g. a home network). Solution: To resolve this problem, connect to your workstation network and check for updates again, or contact your network administrator.

If the computer is connected directly to the Internet or a home network (and never to a workstation network), your browser can be configured to automatically detect LAN (Local Area Network) settings so that Windows Update can check for updates online. To do this, follow these steps::

  1. Open Internet options and go to connection tab and then to LAN settings.
  2. Check under Automatic configuration the Detect settings automatically checkbox and click OK twice.

If that doesn't help, try to restart Windows and start update search a few hours later.

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