Windows 10: Xbox App login issue (January 2018)

[German]Currently Microsoft seems to have problems with Xbox games apps under Windows 10. Users cannot log on to the Xbox user account in several apps like Minecraft, Soduku etc.


I stumbled uppon several post, written during the last days, within German Microsoft Answers forum. All users are claiming, that non of the preinstalled games in Windows 10 is able to connect to the Xbox account. The login process stalls with the message, that the internet connection is broken, although the user are able to access the internet via browser. Here is a typical Microsoft Answers forum post describing the situation.  

ISSUE: I've been using Xbox app in Windows 10 for over a year right now. For gaming and a lot of other thing to do. Usually I play Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition.

So here's my problem that I'm experiencing: Iwant to play a game but with a different/another account. So, I open my Xbox app, that Microsoft already provided for me in the start menu/tab and then I sign out from my main account and sign in.

But for some reason the application (Xbox) instantly signed in my main account (a feature that I used the most) and then there's I pressed the 'sign in with another account' but the link/button but it seems not responding at all. I kept pressing with a few times with my mouse but still nothing happened. This never happened to me before. So I need the help from all of you, community to solve and fix my problem or issue.

German users are reporting also the inability to login to Xbox account from gaming apps in Windows 10. I booted a Windows 10 test machine and was currently able, to connect to Xbox account (Germany, 01/25/2018, 09:30). Checking Xbox Live status with downdetector brought me the following status:

Xbox Live status

Obviously there are some outages. Are you affected by this Xbox Live login issue?

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