Firefox 58.0.1: Update for Windows

Mozilla[German]Mozilla developers have released version 58.0.1 of the Firefox browser for Windows. The relevant maintenance update was released on January 29, 2018. Here are a few details about this update.


When I started the browser yesterday, I got the following dialog box with the update information via the menu HelpAbout Firefox.

Firefox 18.0.1

The Release Notes mentions a fix for the Windows platform: When using certain non-default security policies on Windows (for example with Windows Defender Exploit Protection or Webroot security products), Firefox 58.0 would fail to load pages (bug 1433065).

And there a still unfixed issues: Users running Firefox for Windows over a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) may find that audio playback is disabled due to increased security restrictions. A workaround may be found here.

Users running certain screen readers may experience performance issues and are advised to use Firefox ESR until performance issues are resolved in an upcoming future release.(via)



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