Microsoft Surface: TPM updates, coil whine and LTE image

[German]Today an article about Microsoft Surface models addressing several topcis. Some Surface Book 2 devices has coil whine, and Microsoft released TPM firmware updates. And there is a trick to obtain a recovery image for the Surface LTE.


TPM Firmware security updates

Microsoft has published kb article 4073006 addressing security issues in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips used in their Surface models. The security issues has been describtd in Security Advisors ADV170012. Infineon’s TPM chips had a security vulnerability that was closed by a firmware update in October 2017. This applies to all models that use Infineon TPM chips (see). Microsoft has released firmware updates for the following products:

A firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 is planned. Surface 3, Surface Laptop, Surface Book 2 and some other models are not affected. Details can be found in the KB article 4073006.

Surface Book 2 has ‘Coil whine’

‘Coil whine’ is an acoustical effect causing noise in electronic components (see). Especially graphics cards seems to produce coil whine. The video below demonstrates the effect on a PC – and this Soundcloud recording gives also an impression, what coil whine is.

(Source: YouTube)

Woody Leonhard mentioned within his post here, that Surface Book 2 has also Coil Whine. At Microsoft Answers forum there is this thread, where users discussing coil whine sind November 2017. Another thread with a video may be found here. Also at users are discussing coil whine here, here and here.

How to download a Surface Pro LTE-Recovery Image?

If you own a Surface Pro LTE (available since December 2017), it’s hard to obtain a recovery image. Microsoft has created a web site to download recovery images for all surface models.


Surface-Modelle für Recovery-Images


But the list box (see above) doesn’t offers an image for Surface LTE. My colleague Barb Bowman found the trick how to obtain the right download. Barb has documented the steps within here blog – well done Barb (Wood Leonhard pointed that out at his blog).

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