Microsoft: Most customers will use Windows 10 S mode

[German]With Windows 10 Version 1803, every user will be able to use Windows 10 S mode on his systems. The question is: How many users will use it? Microsoft means 'the majority'.


Windows 10 S mode, what is it?

Windows 10 S is a special configuration of Windows 10 Pro that is optimized for security and performance. Windows 10 S mode restricts a user to apps from the Windows Store. In addition, some pre-defined Windows applications (e. g. Explorer, Edge browser etc.) can be executed.

Windows 10 S
(Windows 10 S, Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft advertises on this web site Windows 10 S as streamlined for security and superior performance. 'Microsoft-verified security' promise: Your applications are delivered via the Microsoft Store ensuring Microsoft-verified security and integrity. Microsoft Edge is your default browser since it's more secure than Chrome or Firefox (which is just marketing bull shit). An FAQ prayes all these marvelous things, you can do with Windows 10 S.

At the time of its introduction, Windows 10 S was offered as a separate sales version (SKU). However, owners of such a system can easily upgrade to Windows 10 Pro to take advantage of all the features of Windows 10. Up to now, the statement was that this change would be free of charge until March 2019, but would later cost around 50 Dollars.

Microsoft has changed this now. From Windows 10 version 1803 onward, Microsoft offers the Windows 10 S-Mode for all Windows 10 versions. This means that Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise support the Windows 10 S mode. However, this must be selected when installing Windows 10.


After installation, a user can switch at any time and free of charge from Windows 10 S mode to the Windows 10 version purchased with the license (i. e. Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro etc.). This is handled internally as an upgrade. However, there is no downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 10 S (without reinstallation).

How many users will keep Windows 10 S?

The main question is: How many users are willing to keep the preinstalled Windows 10 S mode, which restricts you to store apps, if switching to the' full version' is possible for free?Personally, I would have guessed that only a few people are keeping Windows 10 S. Mark Hachman from PCWorld has published recently the article Microsoft expects the 'majority of customers' to use Windows 10's S mode. Hachman teased on Twitter Microsoft with a statistic – Chromebooks, Windows and Apples iPad are used in education (in USA), but there is no mention of Windows 10 S.

The Windows 10 S propagated by Microsoft simply did not appear. In his response to the tweet, Belfiore confirmed that Windows 10 S will be a particular mode of Windows 10 systems in the future and that Microsoft believes, that the majority of users will keep this mode. Here are the beef from the PCWorld article, based on Joe Belfiore's statements.

  • We [from Microsoft] expect new Windows 10 devices with S mode to be shipped in the coming months.
  • We[from Microsoft] assume that the majority of customers will take advantage of Windows 10 in S mode.

Belfiore describes Windows 10 S mode as a 'low-hassle and guaranteed performance version' of Windows 10. Belfiore mentiones the advantage of the security, faster boot time, better battery life and consistent performance offered by Windows 10 S mode. The S mode of Windows 10 prevents the operating system from using traditional Win32 applications and allows only applications from the Windows Store. This is intended to increase safety for the user.

BTW: In this context, we can interpret: Windows 10 might be an operating system with 'a lot of hassle' and probably slow boot time and slow performance, draining the laptop's battery – otherwise Belfiore's points doesn't makes sense.

What's your opinion about this Microsoft assumption? Will you buy a low cost Windows 10 S machine? And will you stay at Windows 10 S mode?

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1 Response to Microsoft: Most customers will use Windows 10 S mode

  1. Rob says:

    Those who don't need non-approved programs won't bother switching. I would guess that a lot of people will buy a Windows 10S system and not change settings, possibly not knowing the difference. I have a Chomebook and still really like it, but when I really need to get stuff done I turn to my Windows 10 computer. I love Windows 10 and haven't found it to be any kind of hassle so far. We actually have two, one new and up graded from Windows 7 and no problems with either. I can see if my parents were to purchase a Windows 10S they would not change anything as they don't do much other than internet, email and some stuff that they get from the Windows Store anyway. I on the other hand, I would immediately switch to a full version of Windows 10, or I guess, I wouldn't by one that was set to Windows 1oS to begin with.

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