Windows 10 Mobile (Version 1703): Fix for PDF rendering bug

[German]Users of a Lumia with Windows 10 Mobile who are still using version 1703 can be happy. Microsoft has released an update that fixes the PDF display error in the Microsoft Edge browser.


What's the matter?

Proud (and not so proud) users of Windows 10 Mobile are suffering and have gained another experience since the February 2018 patchday. After the February 2018 update, Windows 10 Mobile users discovered that the Edge browser Microsoft was forcing to display PDF documents could no longer open them. Instead, the error message shown below appeared.

PDF-Error in Windows 10 Mobile
(Quelle: Microsoft-Forum)

I've published a few days ago the German blog post Windows 10 Mobile: Edge streikt bei PDF-Dateien addressing this issue. Microsoft released an update for Windows 10 Mobile version 1709 days ago that fixes this problem. There were some'ambiguities' because Microsoft had fed the KB article false information. But at the end of the day this problem doesn't seem to exist there anymore. Details can be found in the blog entry Windows 10 Mobile: MS fixes Edge PDF rendering bug.

Also a fix for Windows 10 Version 1703

Users who could not update their Lumia to the latest version of Windows 10 was left in the cold. But Microsoft has also released update KB4088782 for Windows 10 V1703 on March 19, 2018. But they forgot to mention the bug fix for the PDF rendering bug in Edge. Somebody at spotted a hint within Microsoft's changelog. According to Microsoft's kb article, the update fixes the following issues:

  • Addresses issue with printing XML documents in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • Addresses issue where Internet Explorer stops working when using F12-based developer tools.
  • Updates legacy Document Mode cell visibility in Internet Explorer.
  • Addresses issue where Internet Explorer is unresponsive in certain scenarios when a Browser Helper Object is installed.
  • Addresses issue that causes online video playback to stop responding.
  • Addresses issue where, after installing KB4056891, KB4057144, or KB4074592 on a server, you may not be able to access SMB shared files in directory junction points or volume mount points hosted on that server. The error is "ERROR_INVALID_REPARSE_DATA". As a result, editing some group policies using GPMC or AGPM 4.0 may fail with the error "The data present in the reparse point buffer is invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80071128)".
  • Due to recent work with our antivirus (AV) partners, AV software has now reached a sustained level of broad compatibility with Windows updates. After analyzing the available data, we're lifting the AV compatibility check for the March 2018 Windows security updates for supported Windows 10 devices through Windows Update. We'll continue to require that AV software be compatible. Devices with known AV driver compatibility problems will be blocked from updates. We recommend that customers check installed AV software compatibility with their AV provider.
  • Addresses issue in which WPF applications that are running on touch or stylus-enabled systems may stop working or stop responding after some time without any touch activity.
  • Addresses issue in which PDFs cannot be rendered in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Phones.
  • Security updates to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Desktop Bridge, Microsoft Graphics component, Windows Kernel, Windows Shell, Windows MSXML, Windows Installer, and Windows Hyper-V.

As I read the kb article, I was puzzled first. Hyper-V and other stuff isn't the thing, awaited on Windows 10 Mobile. And I could not see any remark that the kb article addresses Windows 10 Phones – instead it was the article that describes the fixes of this cumulative update for Windows 10 (PC). On March 19, 2018, somebody at Microsoft decided to add the sentence formatted above in bold to the kb description.


Cool move from Microsoft, to include the Windows 10 Mobile documentation into kb articles dealing with desktop patches. We are heading to Easter 2018, so searching the easter egg for Windows 10 Mobile users is program – I guess Zwinkerndes Smiley. It's always an adventure to be a Windows 10 Mobile user. BTW, the German version of KB4088782 still doesn't contain this addendum. But it's still a few days until Easter 2018.

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