Microsoft April 2018 patchday issues

Windows Update[German]In April 2018 Microsoft released a couple of updates for Windows, Office and other products. In addition to the known issues already reported by Microsoft (Known Issues), some updates lead to further problems. This article outlines some problems that have come to my attention recently.


KB4093118 for Windows 7/Server 2008 R2)

On April 10, 2018, Microsoft released the security update KB4093118 (Monthly Rollup) for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (see Patchday: Updates for Windows 7/8.1/Server April 2018).

SMB Memory Leak Notes

An SMB memory leak is mentioned in the known issues of the KB4093118 article. I didn't list it in such detail in my blog posts. But this problem only occurs in certain constellations. Microsoft writes:

After installing KB4056897 or any other recent monthly updates, SMB servers may experience a memory leak for some scenarios. This occurs when the requested path traverses a symbolic link, mount point, or directory junction and the registry key is set to 1:


German blog reader Robert Richter pointed out within this comment, that the registry entry is set by some McAfee products.

Reboot on VPN connection

In a comment German blog reader Achim reported an issue with VPN connections (L2TP/IPSec with Windows tools). Establishing a connection works, but a few seconds later the system triggers a reboot. After uninstalling KB4093118 and KB4099950 the problem is gone.

Problem Bear Update KB4099950 – Revision

The update KB4099950 has its own problems, because it should solve the bug with the lost network settings. In revised KB article 4099950, Microsoft points out that earlier versions of the update (before April 17, 2018) must be uninstalled. Only then may the new version of the update be installed (see also).

KB4093118: Update loop (Windows 7/ Server 2008 R2)

The first hints on a boot loop came from German blog reader Volker in this comment. Blog reader Monika points out in the following comment that the updates are constantly requested by the clients via the WSUS.


Also blog-reader Christian indicates in this comment that the update can not be installed correctly, because the process fails. Afterwards the update is offered again and again and must be hidden.

Windows Report also has this article on the same topic. Microsoft Answers has this forum thread, which describes the restart loop during the update installation. Meanwhile there is also at this thread, where the problem is taken up.

Addendum: A German blog reader posted an observation: The problem seems to be update KB4093113 (RollUp). The reader uninstalled this on the test machines and now the endless loop of security update KB4093118 no longer appears. So, KB4093113 rejected and rather approved the security update KB4093118.


It is not part of the April updates, but a blog reader pointed out a problem with the March update KB4089344. This causes the error SESSION_HAS_VALID_POOL_ON_EXIT on Windows Server 2008.

Updates for Windows 10 V1709

I had described the cumulative update for Windows 10 in the blog article Patchday: Windows 10 Updates April 10, 2018. Some updates cause trouble.

Update KB4093112 for Windows 10 V1709 and the Wacom Pen

The cumulative update KB4093112 for Windows 10 V1709 causes trouble when using a Wacom pen. After installing the update, they found that it no longer works. Woody Leonhard addressed the topic briefly here.

Barb Bowman suspects KB4089848 as the cause and states a fix for this problem in this blog post. This fix is also listed as a workaround in the KB article here. A quick summary can also be found here.

Update KB4093112 for Windows 10 V1709 kills computer managment

Addendum: German blog reader Jörn W. contacted me by mail and informed me about an issue in Computer Management. As soon as he installs the update KB4093112 for Windows 10 V1709, the computer management stalls with error 0xC0000043 (mmc.exe application error).

Error 0xC0000043

Uninstalling this update fixes this issue. Then Windows Version 1709 Build 16299.371 is reported.

Update KB4093119 is causing App-V issues

German blog reader Manuel reported issues with App-V. Meanwhile Microsoft has published an article April 2018 Rollup for Windows 10 und Server 2016 läßt App-V Scripts nicht mehr starten – Update (thanks to Manuel for the link). Another comment complains about problems with the start menu and the info center.

Issues with Office updates

Microsoft released non security Office update on April 3 and security updates on April 10, 2018.

Office updates from April 3, breaks start menu entries

With the Office updates for April 3, 2018 (see blog post here), it may happen that some of the icons and entries in the start menu disappear. Blog reader Markus left a comment here. For white Office icons, repairing the Office package helps (see blog entry Windows Desktop: Icons faulty / disappeared).

Bei den Office-Updates im zum 3. April 2018 (see Microsoft Office Patchday (April 3, 2018)) it may happen that some of the icons and entries in the start menu disappear. Blog reader Markus left a comment. For white Office icons, repairing the Office package helps (see blog entry Windows-Desktop: Symbole fehlerhaft / verschwunden).

KB4018319: Excel crash reading worksheets with charts

Blog reader Tobias L. emailed me about a problem with KB4018319. When opening Excel workbooks that contain a diagram, an access error 0xc0000005 (Access denied) occurs in the chart.dll module for some documents. The error is described in the Technet in this thread. At there is this thread that describes the same problem

High CPU load from OD4B Sync client

Blog reader Tim left this comment claiming a high CPU load on clients with OD4B (OneDrive for Business). However, the problems should already exist since the March updates.

Other issues with Office

Office 2016 and Office 2013 already had problems saving documents in March. Nothing could be saved. In these comments, users with memory problems when opening Word and Excel files report, but these could probably be reduced to other causes. In the click-and-drop versions there may be collisions with Kasperski, as these comments also show. Here a missing search in contacts is criticized.

In addition, KB article 4018328 has been revised for the Office update – the specification of a fix 'When you edit multiple fields in a contact at the same time and then save the fields, some of the changes might be lost.' has been removed.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Last Weekend I found my old test PC bricked after updates. Not knowing what caused it and no restore point available I had to reinstall. This weekend I was prepared and diagnosed kb4093118 as the culprit. Symptoms are a total freeze after bootloader, no BSOD, not even F8-menu can be reached. I had to use the Win7 DVD twice to restore it back before the update.

    The PC is my old testing and interfacing PC with a dual P3 onboard ASUS P2B-DS.

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