Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N Version 1803

[German]This time it went pretty fast – Microsoft has made the Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N April Update (version 1803) available for download on its servers. The Media Feature Pack is required to use certain functions.


What is Windows 10 N?

Most of my English language readers are not aware, that there are Windows N versions. Windows N was forced from EU commission several years ago, because Microsoft misused it's market position. Windows 10 N is an operating system version without Media Player and media features. N stands for no media features. A similar Windows 10 KN variant has been released for Korea.

What if I 've installed Windows N and what's a Media Feature Pack?

If Windows 10 N is installed, no media features are available. There is no Windows Media Player, but you are able to use VLC-Player for media play back. But without media features, Windows 10 N can't support:

  • Apps with media play back features (Groove Music, Video app etc.) won't work
  • Connecting smartphones, cameras and mobile devices via USB cable fails, because there is no support for media transfer using Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) and Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). 
  • Edge browser can't display PDF documents, because there is not support for that.

This Microsoft site list more restrictions for Windows 10 N. But it's easy to fix that: Just install the Media Feature Pack, and the missing features will be added.

Where to obtain the Media Feature Pack?

Microsoft offers the Media Feature Pack for Windows N for free download. The problem: Each Windows build need it's customized Media Feature Pack and it's sometimes hard to find the right download address. Microsoft has created the Media Feature Pack list for Windows N editions page linking all Media Feature Packs for supported Windows versions (but at writing this text, the new version hasn't been linked).

Media Feature Pack Download


Detailed information about the Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N version 1803 including download links can be found on the Microsoft page KB4057437.

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