Windows 10 V1803 is ‘Semi-annual’ ready – seriously?

[German]Microsoft claims, that 250 Million systems are upgraded to Windows 10 V1803. And as a consequence, Microsoft has declared Windows 10 April Update (V1803) as 'semi-annual' ready. So this build is now being rolled out in the business environment. There is also an article from Microsoft that explains how Windows 10 deployment can be 'accelerated' by integrating Windows Insider Previews.


Windows 10 V1803 as 'Semi-annual' ready

MVP colleague Susan Bradley points out in this article at that Microsoft considers Windows 10 V1803 to be ready for business use.

Microsoft today declared 1803 as "ready for business" and is flipping from the Semi-annual targeted (the old CB) to Semi-annual (the old CBB).

This information has been published from Microsoft in this blog post on June 14, 2018. Microsoft explains there that the rollout of Windows 10 April Update could be completed much faster with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) than in previous builds.

250 Million systems on Windows 10 V1803

Microsoft says within the blog post linked above, that more than 250 million machines have already been updated to Windows 10 V1803. Based on the AI data, these Windows 10 versions have been released for all compatible devices worldwide.

250 MillionenWindows 10 V1803 Installationen

So Microsoft claims Enterprise customers can follow the same approach for the Semi-Annual Channel and roll out Windows 10, version 1803.


Windows 10 V1803 business ready? Seriously?

After reading Microsoft's blog post, I was wondering what they are smoking. Susan Bradley expresses what went through my mind: "It's a little early to roll out this build in companies". There are simply still too many bugs (Susan Bradley has summarized some things here – and I have blog posts about many of these topics – see link list at the article's end).

After posting the German version of this article a few hours ago, I received a couple of comments, where administrators from business environments are making a fuss about Windows 10. One admins wrote, that the Bitlocker AD backup issue hasn't been fixed – so a rollout is not an option. Luckily IT administrators can decide when to deploy the new operating system build in their organization on a broad basis.

Microsoft: Integrate Insider Preview Builds

When the following tweet came to my attention, I involuntarily looked at the calendar and searched for April 1 as the current date.

Under the premise of speeding up the rollout of Windows 10 releases, an IT Pro article explains how to roll out Windows Insider Preview builds in enterprise environments. That's because you have a Windows Insider Program for Business. But I can't help, what stuff they are smoking at Redmond? What does an Insider Preview Build have to do with the deployment of Windows 10? What's your opinion? Is Windows 10 V1803 business ready? Is it a good idea to deploy Windows 10 Insider Preview builds?

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2 Responses to Windows 10 V1803 is ‘Semi-annual’ ready – seriously?

  1. Crysta (PhotM) says:

    What are they(MS) smoking?

    All one has to do is look at the Softie's Twitter sites to realize, They are HIGH on a different kind of life than what is happening in your blog and you are focused on.

    An observation I have made is, since Meltdown and Spectre have substantially reared up again, the Softies have become Substantively Quiet(if I can express it that way). They are NOT, or being quite restrained, in any answers to questions, same as earlier in the year.

    I really can't blame them for that, if the questions are Directly related to M&S but if they are not…..

    It is also Summer holidays' times for many across the Tech world in the Northern hemisphere so the 'D' string maybe at the hellem???

    Let's not forget Microsoft has gone through a series of major shack ups especially in Windows, so there is job loss fear, some have already lost their job???

    Best Regards,


  2. Long Dryspell says:


    you wrote "… Microsoft has gone through a series of major shack ups…"

    Shack ups can certainly shake one up;-)

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