Issues with cumulative update KB4230450 for IE

Windows Update[German]Cumulative update KB4230450 for Internet Explorer seems to cause some issues. Microsoft had to make improvements in WSUS detection. And there is a message that suddenly old updates are offered..


I mentioned the cumulative update KB4230450 for Internet Explorer in the blog post Microsoft patchday: More updates (June 12, 2018). Installation is required, if administrators install security-only updates for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (including server counterparts). The security rollups of June 2018 for Windows 7/8.1, however, contain the patches.

Issues with WSUS detection are fixed

Blog reader Martin B. informed me by mail that there are problems under WSUS to detect update KB4230450 for Internet Explorer. In the Technet forum there is this discussion thread where someone reports massive issues.

Has anyone noticed this month the 'Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 2012 R2 (KB4230450)' is not downloaded by clients if the the '2018-06 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows Server 2012 R2 (KB4284815)' is also approved ?

Also this Technet forum thread deals with the same issue. Update KB4230450 for Internet Explorer is not downloaded to clients via WSUS.

Is anybody else seeing KB4230450 (Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer for Windows 7 x86/x64 and Windows Server 2008 R2), released Tuesday, not being detected as needed through WSUS? This KB also applies to Windows 8.1 and Server 2012, but we don't have either, therefore I don't know if this problem applies to them as well.

WSUS: Windows 2012 R2 (fully patched with all updates except for ones released Tuesday)

Windows 7: Professional, x64/x86 OEM (fully patched with all updates before or after Patch Tuesday are affected)

This detection problem resembles the problem Microsoft had in May for Windows 10 Professional clients using WSUS, which didn't affect Enterprise editions of Windows 10.

In May 2018 there seems to have been similar problems. Users rightly suspected that there was a bug in the Microsoft detection routine. Microsoft found the error quickly and released the cumulative security update KB4230450 in a new version. Microsoft Update Catalog now contains a release date of June 14, 2018, as a user points out:

The flaw in detection routine of KB4230450 was fixed by Microsoft last night (see date 2018-06-14 in catalog). So client systems of WSUS detects this update now as "needed".

You should be able to distribute the IE update KB4230450 on WSUS without any problems. Or are there still problems? Thanks at this point to Martin B., who informed me about the fix.


After installing KB4230450, old updates are offered

In my German blog post Microsoft Patchday: Weitere Updates zum 12. Juni 2018, German blog reader Hans Thölen has reported.

Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit SP1
After installing KB4284826 and KB4230450,
I received a lot of cumulative security
updates for Internet Explorer 11 from
2016. What could this mean?
I've hidden all the old updates.

Alte IE-Updates

Hans send me the above screenshot, where the updates in questions are marked. I tried the the same on a machine with Windows 7 SP1 and installed security-only update KB4284867. Then I installed the IE 11 update KB4230450. But I could not observe this behavior, described by Hans. Maybe there was something broken on his machine, because Windows 7 was on update level December 2017, before Hans installed the June 2018 updates. Do you have install issues with update KB4230450?

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  1. EP says:

    this is also happening with the KB4103718 and KB4284826 monthly updates for Win7 SP1 as well where Windows Update offers old IE11 updates like KB3185319. it happens with mostly clean/fresh installs of Win7 SP1 done almost recently.

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